Medifast weight-loss program is produced and distributed by Medifast Inc. , a nutrition and weight loss company from Maryland, USA. Like any weight loss management programs, it aims to control weight through pre-planned, ready-to-eat meals designed perfectly to busy people. Their are over 70 Medifast meals to choose from, all fortified with vitamins and minerals. These includes shakes, chilis, puddings, soup, stew, scrambled eggs, fruit drinks and iced teas.

As mentioned earlier, Medifast was designed for people always on-the-go; those who doesn’t have the time to prepare for ‘proper’ meals. These people are the usual victims of poor diet courtesy of frequent visits to fast foods and lack of exercise. Medifast meals comes in individual packets that are quick and easy to prepare.

So how does it work? Nutritionally designed structured Medifast meal plan, combined with protein and carbohydrates, can help lose weight while minimizing loss of muscle. They also have the standard plan for weight loss, called Medifast 5 & 1 Plan, which is medically designed to create a calorie deficit, allowing the body to convert energy by burning fats. The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan consists of 5 portion-controlled, nutritionally balanced Medifast Meals plus one Lean & Green Meal each day. Lean meal includes fish, shellfish, chicken, ground turkey, lean beef and lamb. There’s also meatless options that includes egg whites, tofu and vegan burgers.

For the Green options, Medifast has a list of approved vegetables for their diet program. Though all vegetables are healthful, Medifast only recommends “lower carbohydrates” vegetables.

Medifast has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors and clinical studies conducted by researchers from prestigious health firms and major universities have shown the program to be both effective and safe; more than one million customers have safely used Medifast.